Levi's Commuter - Spring/Summer 2013

Levi's Commuter range makes another welcome appearance at Fat Buddha Store for Spring/Summer 2012, and looks set to be hit. Originally launched for fall of 2011, the successfu Levi's Commuter Series of workwear-inspired cycling apparel is back for another Spring/Summer 2013 season and is now expanding its market range with an additional Hong Kong release as well. With the advent of a new season, the four-piece collection that had remained largely unchanged from before has been expanded to now feature new graphic tee's, shorts and a new series parka also adding some nice new colours to it's original products. You can check out some pics below.
All of the items shown above and lot's more including the great S/S Camp short sleeve shirt and more from the Levi's Commuter range will be available in store and online in the next few days at Fat Buddha Store.


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