Going Out - Subculture With Harri & Jasper

Subculture on Saturday's at Glasgow's world renowned Sub Club have always been a staple of the clubbing calender, with some outstanding guests joining residents Harri & Domenic for some of the best sounds around, anyone in attendance will testify to it being up their with the best.

This Saturday at the Sub Club long standing Subculture resident Harri is joined behind the decks by his eldest offspring Jasper James. We all think its a pretty big deal for both father and son to be playing alongside each other at one of the world’s longest running weekly club nights so they’re making a fuss about it. Growing up in the house of Harri it’s no surprise that Jasper’s own DJ career is in the ascent and since this is the first time father and son team up on the Subculture decks for the whole night, they’re battling it out for domestic honours - loser does the dishes!  As it ‘s approaching quickly, the Sub Club have put together a Q&A with a difference to see how well they really know each other.  Here is how it went down…

1.  When was Jasper’s first exposure to club culture and what was it like?
Probably T in the Park, it used to be pretty low key and Jasper would have been there pretty much every year from the start at Strathclyde Park. 
2.     Apart from Subculture, where would Jasper’s dream gig be? 
Jeez, you would have to ask him that, a while ago I imagine it would have been Fabric, but I imagine it might have changed now. 
3.     Who are some of his favourite DJs right now and why?
I would like to think Domenic and myself as he has probably attended more Subcultures since he was eighteen than anybody else I know. I imagine Jackmaster, Josh Barr and Graeme (The Revenge) are up there too…. probably because we are DJs he has heard more than any others 
4.     What was the breakthrough for Jasper in terms of getting serious with house music? 
He has always been right into his music since he was very young. I think his ears opened to house music when he was maybe fourteen at T in the Park, myself and Dom were playing in The Bacardi B Bar, the crowd was going nuts and I remember him saying…’I think I get house music now.’ 
5.     Apart from playing music and having a wee party now and again, what are Jasper’s other favourite pastimes?
It was once skateboarding, and then it was basketball and football. Now it would be Hannah, poker and tap dancing (he once fell in the sink).
6.     After the recent airplay on Rinse FM, what does Jasper think he will be doing in ten years time?
Ha Ha, no idea, looking after his dad I hope ;-)
7. When was the last time he was grounded or sent to his room?
Last time he got in big trouble he would have been about 15 or 16…. it used to be more of a problem getting him out of his room.
 1. When was your first exposure to club culture and what was it like?
My first exposure to a clubbing environment was at TITP at the Slam Tent and the Bacardi b-bar; I have been going to every TITP since i was born till the age i am now. I remember being about 9 and finding it all a bit scary, everyone jumping about like lunatics, out their faces, with a mental guy trying to give my dad popper’s while he was DJing. 
2.     Apart from Subculture, where would your dream gig be?
 I would love to play the likes of Panorama Bar and DC 10, which would be a dream.
3.     Who are some of your favourite DJs right now and why?
For me the best DJs in the world are right here in Glasgow. Domenic Cappello is unreal, best in the world for me (apart from my old man ;), his music choice, his technical ability, his reading of the dance-floor…he never fails to amaze me. Jackmaster, technically amazing, I’m sure everyone already knows that, a great party starter, nearly always playing full throttle belters. Lil Louis is always incredible; I loved Henrick Schwarz when he played as well. Delano Smith is probably my favourite guest DJ I have ever seen play at Subculture, every track he played I wanted.  Josh Barr is a wicked dj, he has been my sidekick since day 1!
4.     What was your breakthrough in terms of getting serious with House music?
I remember not really getting or understanding house music at all until the age of about 13 when i was at TITP back in the Bacardi b-bar and I felt the bass vibrate through my body. I remember hearing a house track with a Beatnuts acapella and thinking that is brilliant (still cant find the record in my house, been hunting for years!) Before that I remember saying to my dad, every record sounds the same, why don’t you play some hip-hop? When i reached the age of about 16-17 I really started to get properly into house music. I would come home from school and dig through my dad’s vinyl, practising my mixing.
5.     Apart from playing music and having wee party now and again, what are your other favourite pastimes?
I enjoy producing music, playing football, going out for dinner, going to the pub with the boys and hanging out with the missus. 
6.     After the recent airplay on Rinse FM, what do you think you will be doing in 10 years time?
I hope in 10 years that I will still be DJing and making music. Hopefully DJing around the world and becoming a resident at Subculture. That would be a dream.
 7.     When was the last time you were grounded or sent to your room?
 I have never really been grounded or sent to my room. I was a good boy.
1.     What would Harri cite as his main influences in the early days of his musical education?
Listening to the radio, John Peel (I think), and hearing Reggae for the first time in the bath and jumping out to find out what the hell that music was being played. Digging through his friend’s big brother’s record collection and being amazed at some of the music.
2.     What would your Dad’s proudest moment be? Does he ever mention one of his tracks appearing in a John Peel’s top 50?
I am sure he said to me, his proudest moment was when I played Subculture with him a few years back (he was probably pissed) yes; he’s mentioned it, never stops telling me! 
3.     How have you seen your Dad change his DJ style in respect to technology?
When I was a wee boy i used to get dragged round every record shop in the City Centre and West End, most days. It was all vinyl back then. I remember when CDJ’s first came into play and having a shot with them in the record store that used to be in ‘Urban Outfitters’, he immediately bought a pair, and then went onto Serato as soon as that came out too. He has always kept right up-to-date technology wise. 
4.    How do you think Harri’s music fits into the house scene at the moment? Deep house really seems to have come back into fashion recently. Do you think he always knew it would?
For him it isn’t about fitting in, it’s about playing the music he loves. My Dad isn’t fussed about what is cool at the moment or what is the hip new genre, track, whatever. He likes what he likes, and he knows exactly what he likes, no one can convince him otherwise. He has always said that house would be here for the long run, he has always stuck true to his musical beliefs, whether the music is trendy at the time or not.
5.     When he started out did he ever think house music would end up being a lifetime career for him?
I don’t think he did, no. I think he still can’t quite believe it. 
6.     Do you think he thought that his love for Reggae made him a cool dad?  
 1.  What would you cite as your main influences in the early days of your musical education?
Led Zepplin, CSN & Y, especially Neil Young, Soul, Funk, Reggae, Disco, Kraftwerk and early electronic music
2.     What would you say is your proudest moment? Do you ever mention one of your tracks appearing in John Peel’s top 50?
I tell everybody I meet about getting to No 12 in John Peels festive 50 in 1994. 
3.     Have you seen a change in your DJ style in respect to technology?
Yeah, a hernia from carrying vinyl has lead me to embrace Serato.
4.    How do you think your music fits into the house scene at the moment? Deep house really seems to have come back into fashion recently. Did you always know it would?
Dom and myself have been playing weekly for a number of years, I think we have always embraced the new without really diverting too far from the original house blueprint. I don’t have a clue what’s going to happen in the future.
5.     When you started out did you ever think House music would end up being a lifetime career for you?
I had no idea that I would still make (scrape) a living from playing records, still strikes me as a bit weird, just getting used to it now.
6. Did you even think that your love for Reggae music made you a ‘cool’ dad?
Does it? It was a big part of the soundtrack of my youth, my mum liked it too. If she were still alive she might have been a cool Gran!
 Catch Harri & Jasper this Saturday 16th at Sub Club, 22 Jamaica, Street,


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