Impossible Project

We have just taken a re-stock of some Polaroid film and some new cameras from Impossible Project here at Fat Buddha Store. Impossible Project are a company that manufactures instant photographic materials and Polaroid film being the main drive behind the company. The Impossible Project was started in 2008 after Polaroid announced in February 2008 that it would stop producing instant film for Polaroid cameras. The founders are Dr. Florian Kaps, AndrĂ© Bosman and Marwan Saba. In June 2008, Kaps and Bosman met at the Polaroid factory’s closing event and decided to found a company to produce materials for Polaroid cameras. In October 2008, Impossible bought the production machinery from Polaroid and leased a building, called Building Noord, which was formerly part of the Polaroid plant in Enschede in the Netherlands. It leased the Polaroid production plant and developed new instant film products for use in existing Polaroid cameras.
In 2010, the company began producing several types of Polaroid film. In January 2012, the company announced that it, and Polaroid would launch a range of collectible products, called The Polaroid Classic range, that originate from different periods of Polaroid's history. Between six and ten products will be released each year. Some new additions are shown below such as the new American Woods Edition fim which celebrates the woods that built America with this great triple pack of film. This Limited edition pack contains frames produced in the look of American Hard Maple, Canyon Live Oak, and Hickory Nut. Each three pack contains 24 frames of new innovative color protection formula film, wher there is no need to immediately shield your photos from direct light.
Pop by the store to check out our full range of Impossible Projects film, cameras and accessories or check online when all products are available in the next few days.



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