Music Monday: Florian Kupfer - Lifetrax

Perhaps a bit late with this weeks Music Monday releases, this week we have opted Florian Kupfer's Lifetrax, released earlier this year in March. With his roots set in Wiesbaden, Germany, one of LIES Records' charted artists has treated us to a selection of track in the past recent months under the name "Lifetrax".

With so many big singles receiving reviews as out of proportions as the track released, its comforting to be given releases from LIES records whom recently seem to be providing us with nothing but powerful slices of house music. Staying in the limelight for the past few months it seemed fitting to give LIES a spot on the Music Monday blog.

Within the release of Lifetrax Kupfer has given us 4 tracks, Lifetrax version 1 and 2 and Feelin, version 1 and 2. Both tracks are as powerful as each other and quickly after its debut you can see (or hear) the impact its had on people through their tracklists.

A shop favourite "Feelin" offers a great balance between the feeling of house with the addition of club shaking electro drums in place after the initial introduction of the track. With some of the best vocals used on a track in recent years in our opinion, this track provides us with a melancholy feeling around it but has been propelled forward with some 808 style programming.


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