Upper Playground - 10 Years Of T-Shirt Graphics

One of our favourite books here at Fat Buddha Store has to be Upper Playgrounds - 10 Years Of T-Shirt Graphics. The book shows, well, exactly what the title says the last ten years of t-shirt graphics by San Fransisco’s finest street culture shop & clothing line, Upper Playground. If you’re a fan of the latest street art, t shirts or just cool stuff, then this book is definitely for you. The affiliated gallery, Fifty24SF, shows works by leading urban artists, some of whom are the world’s most provocative. The works featured in this 10 year anniversary edition are cutting edge to say the least. Many of the artists have been featured on Upper Playground apparel, others have been exhibited at the countless shows, events and parties staged each year in the store and gallery.You can check out some images from the book below.
The book is available in store and online now at Fat Buddha Store. You can check it out here. We also carry a great range of books and magazines also, covering everything from Fashion to Architecture and all the spaces in between.


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