Going Out - Maxi Dance Pool at The Berkeley Suite

Maxi Dance Pool comes to Glasgow's favorite night club haunt The Berkeley Suite in Glasgow tonite. (Friday 21st July) Maxi Dance Pool is a kooky hook-up for freaky disco-philes ;- a pooling of record collections, a gathering of friends, a concentration of love for all dimensions of the Disco Spectrum both familiar and un-familiar. Dance Pool aims to be a hot trip from Classic NY disco jamms to glistening italo, Euro discotheque to synthetic funk, street boogie to Cosmic visions.

Dance Pool was cooked up by Hushpuppy and MWX after a short stint as joint residents in Aberdeen’s Hot City club night. Their idea was to draw together their passion for the decade of disco sounds between 1975-1985, their ideas for visuals, design and event dressing, as well as their friends and peers with similar tastes, to create an club night that was all about shared PASSIONS.

The second Dance Pool happening is touching down in the deep red basement of The Berkeley Suite on Friday 21st June. A free mixtape will be offered to the first 30 through the door (a side each mixed by MWX and Hushpuppy) and special dressing of the space by MWX and the dancepool crew will be in effect....

Dance Pool Residents -:

MWX has beenDJing for five years. Cutting her teeth on a set of £20 belt drives with her flat mate, MWX had her first gig when she co-staged a staged a D.I.Y art show in Aberdeen called Beats 'N' Forts 'N', where she built a huge fort out of cardboard, glitter and foil paper (complete with a cardboard MWX baseball cap) and played Italo Disco from it - LOUD. This impressive performance led to an invitation to become a weekly resident at Snafu’s “Hot City” and since then MWX has played alongside Optimo, Den Haan, Erol Alkan and Rory Phillips.

HUSH is a Glasgow pioneer of exotic disco. Founder and creative force behind the infamous RPZ - the Glasgow Art Schools 8 year running riot of neon fantasy of projections, film loops and delirious digital disco, he is a former resident at Arches superclub Death Disco, and an enthusiastic practitioner of Cosmic Disco and Italo oddity for over fifteen years out and about on the Glasgow clubbing circuit. In addition to being involved with some of the biggest Glasgow clubs of the past ten years, Hushpuppy has played alongside pretty much everyone - Glimmers, Headman, Erol Alkan, Horsemeat, Optimo, Aeroplane, Den Haan, Hercules & Love Affair, Jacques Renault, Tiga, Simian Mobile Disco... and many, many others that he can’t remember.

The Berkeley Suite.

£5 (free mix cassette for the first 30)


Dance Pool #1 cassette mix -


"i like the beat when it is slammin'
and the groove is really jammin"


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