Going Out: Mirage, an Illustration Exhibition @ The African Arts Centre

 Today is the start of an exciting Illustration exhibition with 3 local artists hosted by The African Arts Centre HQ Centre.

Agram is a freelance illustrator native to Spain residing in Glasgow for the last 7 years. Her work is character based exploring transcendent concepts with a personal and playful style. Agram’s recent collection features illustrations born from her black book whose detailed and surrealist figures create atmospheres infused with mystical potency. www.agram.co.uk --------------

Qubik is a young upcoming artist who has in recent months been exploring the similarities between cymatics, the visual display of sound and the art of Mandala, an ancient symbol that represents the cosmos. Drawing inspiration from these ideas he has created intricate block-color designs with unique patterns and intriguing visual effects. --------------

Lizoughby, a forthcoming visual artist whose last trip to Mexico inspired her to develop work for this exhibition. She combines organic patterns and geometric shapes as well as using interesting crafty techniques such as macrame. Her colorful compositions invite you to go deeper into each piece and engage the viewer to see more than it looks at first glance.


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