So last week we began receiving some new styles for the store. There's still more to come, but here's a peak of what we've got so far...

First off is the classic Half Cab. A shoe we've done before at Fat Buddha, but not in this new colourway -

Also known as the "Style 33", the was Steve Cabellero's signature shoe, originally released by Vans in 1991.  Considered to be one of the most legendary skate shoes of all time, the Half Cab is worn by an entire generation of pros who redefined street skating.

These are available online HERE!

Next up is the 106 Vulcanised, a newbee to the Fat Buddha Family!
In all black suede with the classic waffle sole, this shoe is not only a skate classic that dates back to 1966 and the beginning of Vans time but in this colourway it is also super versitile, being able to dress up or dress down - a staple pair of vans for your collection. Available here!

And last, but not least, is an old favourite - the slip on.

 Released in 1979, this shoe (known as the #44) was released, and with the help of skateboarders and BMX riders the Vans Slip-On became all the rage in Southern California and remains to this day one of the most popular vans styles of all time!

Keep those eyes peeled for even more new additions coming soon!!


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