In A Galaxy Closer Than You Think...

... The new Star Wars 70% Bearbricks have arrived in stock! Available in store and online now, here!

This is a fantastic collectors piece for any Star Wars, Bearbrick or even toy geek. As a set of 16 you don't need to try and collect them, get them all at once. This collection is made in conjunction with a Pepsi Max promotion run in 2008 and we now have the whole set here, fantastic.

I also found a wee video someone made of them on youtube...

So THEN I found a few funny related videos...

And just to keep the Star Wars vibe going... I am a massive gamer and Bioware are bringing out a new Online Multiplayer Star Wars game set in the Old Republic in March! If you haven't seen or heard about this, check out the website and maybe we will meet online in March!



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