Last Day

So the time has finally come... After nearly 4 years of working in Fat Buddha I must leave to chase my dream of becoming a photographer. I will still be working there, doing website photography and helping out but I will no longer be working in the shop. Sad times... Met tonnes of cool people, a few famous people and even made a few good new friends so thank you all for the banter and the good times! I also learned 1 important lesson... Graffiti is cool

If you are about Glasgow today come and say hello or goodbye and if not and you want to keep in touch I use Flickr, Twitter and Facebook and all the rest of them. So please visit my website, there are tabs to them all on the main page and add me as you see fit. Also expect to see me randomly blogging on the Fat Buddha blog still with my injections of geeky nonsense.

So I will simply say...

... And leave you with The Last Song...

Fat Buddha Store 2007-2011


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