Original Sin

So I went home last night to find the latest issue of Front Magazine, the best magazine out there at the moment, lying on my floor waiting for me. I had a wee quick glance through and noticed they had featured the Amos toys that we sell in Fat Buddha! So that got me paying more attention to the pages that didn't have naked girls on them and I came across an exclusive...

The Cult of Original Sin - A new clothing line that has just launched by amazing UK artist Godmachine. Here is his 'about me' statement... I can't re-write it without loosing something...

"So the story goes, it all started with sin and it’s been a slippery slope ever since… thank fuck for that, because we were born bad and life would be nothing without it.

Original Sin is about more than style and fashion, we’ve got strong ideas about living, loving and the many different roads to fulfillment-it’s a philosophy, our way of life. We draw inspiration from every from every darkened corner of this world and find beauty in the most unlikely places. We take gratification in the random madness of modern living and are constantly moved by the amazing things people are capable of."

It certainly shows in his artwork which is very dark and utterly fantastic! He has collaborated with everyone pretty much, including Adidas, Mishka, The Hundreds, Disturbia and Tony Hawks Skateboards. Not to mention having designed a million T-shirts for bands such as Bullet for my Valentine, Lamb of God, Enter Shikari, Bring Me The Horizon and A Day to Remember. Instead of praising him on and on. I'll just let you see some of it: -

So now he has his on clothing range which is sure to melt brains so check it out on his website here. The blog is also quite good but there is only a few posts as the website is brand new! I also see from his blog that they will be down at the Brighton Tattoo Convention as part of the The Dead Sea Mob so maybe Fraser will come back with stories of actually meeting him. If you want to say hello or find out more why not follow us both on Twitter? Here is Fat Buddhas and here is Original Sins.



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