Movie Geek

The staff here at Fat Buddha store all love a good movie. I am no exception. Last night I went alone to see Season of the Witch starring Nicholas Cage and Ron Pearlman...

I wasn't expecting much having been dragged along and found myself quickly perking up in my seat at the excellent opening. I even jumped a little...
It then got a little slow again until they set off to take the Witch to her doom and both the voyage and final scenes were quite excellent. I very much recommend this to anyone into a good, mindless action/horror. Few jumps and surprises, everyone was well cast and it was just enjoyable without trying to ram anything down your throat.

Other movies we saw trailers for...

Suckerpunch... This has hot girls, big guns, robots and swords... What more really needs said?

The Green Hornet 3D... While I don't really like Seth Rogan, this looks pretty decent.

Finally, this looks pretty rubbish but all us Glasgow folk will watch it anyway =) NEDS



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