Dazed & Confused x River Island x Rustie

We stock alot of great magazines here at Fat Buddha, one of which being Dazed & Confused magazine. Known for showcasing the best in fashion, photography and art this magazine has been running solid for 20 years and tonight have teamed up with River Island to host there own party here in Glasgow. With christmas approaching what better way is there to begin the festive season than with some of Glasgows finest musical talent, being held at the Studio Warehouse Glasgow (SWG3) tonight features live music from Glasgow based producer Rustie, Simply Richard from Glasgows own Numbers, Nightwave, and more. This night is not only about music however, with artist Margot Bowman working with the likes of topshop to cater to the aesthetic side of things with some new artwork made for the party.

Keeping up with the music and magazine side of things Scottish based record label LuckyMe (Whom have signed tonights main act Rustie) have also been asked to write a piece about themselves for another of our best selling magazines, Creative Review. And to make things even better tomorrow is my day off so I shall be taking full advantage of the night ahead.

To get your hands on the latest issues of both these magazines head over to our magazine section of our website here.



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