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Architecture Today Magazine Issue 223
November 2011
Architecture Today is the professional architectural magazine, conceived by architects, founded by architects, written by architects and read by architects. Sent each month to the UK's practising architects at their place of work, Architecture Today presents the pick of new projects, with articles by leading practitioners and photography of the highest standard.

Icon Magazine - Issue 102 - January 2012
A stylish new design and architecture magazine produced by an experienced team, Icon is informative, provocative, hard-hitting and inspirational. Whilst featuring the avant garde it remains accessible. Icon will be an essential title for design and architecture professionals whilst appealing to the growing band of lay consumers interested in top-level design.
103 Issue includes the following.
  • Iwan Baan Calender
  • The Best of 2011
  • Design Festivals
  • Iwan Baan's year in buildings


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