Mr Tea - Lunartik Ltd Edtn

UNBELIEVABLE, is all i can say, this is by far the best Cuppa Tea there has ever been, and whats more we are getting 5 of them to sell, 1 for my collection, 1 as a prize giveaway, so that leaves only 3 available to you, it will retail for £89.95.

This Lunartik collectable will most likely last no more than a few minutes, its not available online we have decided to let it go to the first 3 people on launch day, so you better queue up early as it wont last long.

Look out for out latest Lunartik install window event coming next year, with a bit of luck we'll even get Matt up to paint the windows again.

In the meantime you can view the rest of the Lunartik range HERE.


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