La Sardina - Caviar Edition

Washed ashore at Fat Buddha Store is one of the oceans hidden treasures that will tickle your taste, in the shape of Lomo's  La Sardina Caviar Edition. Built of brass and featuring delicate engravings and beautiful design, these great camera's look set to storm the high sea's. Different from the previous plastic edition sardine can, the heavy brass casing gives the caviar edition cameras a solid well built feel and fantastic look. Even the Fritz The Blitz flash get's the shiny gold treatment, ready to light up your pictures.

The Beluga shown above comes in gold and red, while the Czar below sports a posh blue and compass engraving round the front lens.

Both cameras are perfect for everyday use and capture wide angled pictures wherever and whenever you need them. Accompanied by Lomo's most powerful flash Fritz The Blitz this great combo will make your pictures shine. Hopefully one of these will be washing up on a beach near you over Christmas. Available instore and online now at Fat Buddha Store.



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