Lomo Fisheye Camera

With Christmas fast approaching the need to find that gift for someone special: a friend, family member, or whoever it may be is becoming more and more of a challenge. With even less days on your advent calender left to spend shopping, finding that present can be difficult. Luckily we here at Fat Buddha have plenty of gifts, gadgets, toys and more to help you make a decision. One item we stock in particular can be suited for just about everyone: the Lomography Fisheye.

This cute and compact little companion is easy to use, comes in a variety of colours, can be used with just about every 35mm film, and is also very robust (my own camera has survived 3 festivals so far).
The camera itself is very easy to use, so its perfect for all ages. Just simply load the film, turn the crank wheel and shoot! The camera has a built in flash so there is no need to worry about a lack of light in your photos, and thanks to the cameras fisheye lens (hence the name) it is able to catch 180 degrees of your field of vision to ensure you never miss a moment, plus just about anything you snap looks cool.

This camera was given to me as an added gift last Christmas and I struggle to think of anything that could top it for its value. And just to give you a little taster of what can be done with the camera, here are some photos taken by yours truly.

To have a look at all of our fisheyes, both 1 & 2 click here. To check out our full Lomography range here. Happy snapping.

Paddy x


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