Numark - DJ2GO

The most portable and affordable DJ controller in the world makes an appearance at Fat Buddha Store just in time for those festive parties. The Numark DJ2GO is great ultra compact USB midi controller is highly capable of holding it's weight against products three times the price. The small but perfectly formed device comes with a special version of Virtual DJ software designed to run in conjunction with the controller, giving it instant plug and play performance.

The controller allows you to control your DJ software without touching the computer or mouse giving you a far more tactile feel that can't be matched. The midi capabilities also mean it can be used with any DJ software by simply re-mapping the controls in the applicable application. The DJ2GO's simple layout provides a familiar setting for DJ's, with all the buttons and knobs in the right place. With two platters a crossfader, pitch and level controls as well as Deck A Deck B Master and Headphone gain controls this great piece of kit gives you all you need. In addition you can load and assign tracks to either of the two included deck control sections without ever touching a mouse. Sync and headphone buttons allow you to instantly sync two tracks and monitor either deck section.

For some home fun or DJ's on the move who who need something compact and portable, without having to sacrifice performance the DJ2GO punches well above it's weight. Available instore and online at Fat Buddha Store now.



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