Going Out - Degree Show Party 2015

This Friday the Art School’s biggest party of the year will be showcasing some of Glasgow’s most creative upcoming artists in a diverse set of performative audio-visual environments.

- PVC Chapel -
The stuff that dreams are made of. Bright colours, dark room, loud music and one of a kind performances in a world made of 100% fresh organic raw plastic.

Deep Brandy Album Cuts
Pearl Necklace

- Assembly Hall -
The combination of two artists who’ve created some standout audio-visual events at The Art School this year. Robbie Thomson, whose An Eyeful of Sound project explored neurological phenomenon via a sound reactive installation, and Marianne Wilson, whose AlgoRhythm events have explored how sonic and visual art practices can be presented. They’ll joining forces for the first time to create a spectacle in the main room with music from...

Letitia Pleiades
Hush b2b Paul Thomson
Felix Welch

- Vic Bar -
The Holidays starts here as The Concorde is back for one last ride! We give you a chance to win a flight of fancy to sonic and visual destinations far and beyond, so check in at our departure gates and who knows where it might take you!

Push It
DJ Milktray b2b Dressin Red
Deadly Rhythm b2b Basement
DJ Keoma b2b Sweeney

£8 GSA / £10
Tickets available @ the Vic Bar

*all profits generated go towards to GSA student lead activities*


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