This week's magazines: Art Review, Plan, Sevedge

This week's magazine selection features issues for Art, textile and photography enthusiasts. Check out the latest magazines just arrived this week:

Art Review is an international magazine published 9 times a year which focuses on the worlds leading contemporary arts and its surrounding interests. Since 1959 the magazine has played a vital role in exposing new talent as well as featuring some already well known names.

In this issue: Geta Br─âtescu, Akram Zaatari, Doug Aitken, Lutz Bacher, Now Wash Your Hands: a short history of dirt and germs in contemporary art; Fashion  and Feminism and more.

BLOW Photo is a creative platform conceived in Ireland for all things photography. They aim to promote national and international photography through inspiring publications, exhibitions, events and talks. As well as our Lucie Award Nominated BLOW Photo we have Blow Photo Prints, Various BLOW Projects including exhibitions and workshops, Blow Portfolio submissions and advertising opportunities for a select number of businesses.

Blow see this issue as a timely chronicle of monochrome photography today.

Selvedge Magazine is a design magazine focusing on textile for those who share a passion and love for fabric in fashion, art and interiors. Selvedge magazine is a celebration of the beautiful and the beautifully made.

This issue focuses on rhythm, pattern and flow and features Nadia-Anne Ricketts, Sarah Jane Dowling, Gudrun Sjoden and many more. 


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