Grog - Graffiti Ink - Glasgow

Good news for Graffiti fans as after a long absence and back by popular demand we have been restocked in Grog ink.

As graffiti artists will know Grog are the makers of top notch graffiti tools from the finest markers to inks all of which are rigorously handcrafted in Italy. We are now stocking Grog's buff proof ink, street killer ink and full metal paint in a range of colours and with a variety of nib sizes.
Grog's buff proof ink is one of the strongest on the market being super permanent and really hard to remove. The formula resists a plethora of chemical agents and the elements, without any fading. Coming in a squeezer marker it is easy to fill up and due to its soft plastic body, this marker can be easily squeezed allowing for perfect control making it the graffiti artists best friend. Available with a 5mm, 10mm, 25mm nib and in a 200ml bottle in the following colours; Death Black, Splatter Red, Crocodile Green, Diving Blue, Uppercut Purple and Jellyfish Fuchsia.

Grog’s new Street Killer Ink is an alcohol-based high staining dye ink which is totally inedible and quick drying. Available in a Grog Squeezer with a 25mm nib constructed from durable material that can be used on any writable surface. Thanks to its soft plastic body the marker is easily squeezable allowing for perfect control and handing when releasing ink. Also available as a 200ml bottle and coming in death black.
The Full Metal Paint from Grog guarantees maximum coverage on any surface. The finish is glossy and resistant to the elements. FMP is available with a 5mm, 10mm and 25mm nip squeezer bottle and also a 200ml bottle in burning chrome and klondike gold.

Shop the full range of Grog products instore and online at Fat Buddha Store.


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