A Guide to Sneaker Customization

Anyone with sneaker game knows that exclusivity is everything but with the increase in internet shopping and the rise of eBay reselling it can be hard for your sneakers to stand out in the crowd. This is perhaps why the popularity of sneaker customization has grown exponentially in recent years.

Below we'll take you through our step by step guide on how to customize your sneakers using Angelus and Fiebing paints and dyes. Alternatively if you feel your not up to challenge why not get a professional to do it for you? There are many sneakers customizer in Glasgow, one our our favourites is GlasgowRob.

Step 1 - Materials:
The most important part of customization is having the right products, first of all work out what material your customizing, we stock leather paint, dye and suede dye from brands such as Angelus and Fiebing's. Optional extras to help you get the desired effect are cotton wool balls, paintbrushes or airbrush (if available), masking tape to avoid seepage, a finisher and something to dry such as a hair dryer. Plastic gloves and plenty of spare newspaper will also come in handy.

Step 2 - Prep:
Like most things the prep is an essential part for those looking to do a good job. For a professional effect that won't fade after a couple of wears be sure to strip the original colours so that your applied colour will bond properly with the underlying materials. Any acetone will do the job (we stock both Fiebing's and Angelus) simply soak it in a cotton ball and rub the coating off the leather. You should go through a lot of cotton balls and the coating may leave a paste like residue which is normal. The original material should turn grey and should leave the layer smooth, this make take up to 30-40 minutes but is worth it if you want a solid effect.

Step 3 - Masking:
We would also advise, if your only painting certain parts, to mask off all the areas you don't want to get paint on using cellotape or masking tape. Use a sharp knife to cut along the edges to get clean lines.

Step 4 - Mixing:
We stock a massive collection of colours in both leather and suede dye however feel free to mix the colours if your after a shade in particular.

Step 5 - Paint/Dye:
Once your shoe is masked off and you have the perfect colour get a paint brush and start painting. If using leather paint and painting a small area make sure to use a small fine brush and when dyeing suede be sure to use a larger stiffer brush. A steady hand and patience is advised for this step.

Step 6 - Finishing:
Once you've painted them make sure to dry them, we find a hair dryer on a medium heat and blow works well or simple leave in a well ventilated room overnight. For a super professional look use either a matte, satin, regular or gloss finisher to achieve the desired look. 


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