Going Out - Supermax W/ DJ Billy Woods - Saturday July 4th - The Berkeley Suite

A taste of the decadent sound systems of New York's disco era – Studio 54, Paradise Garage et al - Supermax is where Glaswegian fashionistas, muzic freaks & wild thangs get down to the audiosexual soundtrack of local discotheque grand master DJ Billy Woods!

Christopher Kane, Tim Sweeney, Tim Goldsworthy, Jim Lambie, JG Wilkes, Slam and Horse Meat Disco DJ's Jim Stanton & James Hillard are just some of the names who’ve dropped in to party at 'Der' Løve Machine and experience the aural pleasure of the legendary ‘Bozak - Balmain’ sound system - Glasgow's finest club sound system!

Supermax is where you will find world class club audio in Glasgow and a soundtrack that will truly expand your mind and open your eyes and ears to the possibilities.

Expect a heady cocktail of the super obscure alongside the unexpected from past, present & future within a hot, dark, smoky environment that evokes the raw sensibilities of pre-commercialised club going.

If you are limited Supermax is limited, if you are great Supermax is great… come see what it’s all about!

Doors are open from 11pm with tickets £7 on the door. Pre party action will be provided by our very own Craig Moog at Chinaskis from 9pm.


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