Yo Gabba Gabba

Yo gabba gabba, when it first arrived i had no idea what it was, but after watching a few clips on youtube i have a pretty good idea, the numa numa song with elijah wood is spot on, Biz markie teaching kids how to be human beatboxes is great and my fave must be 'Party in my tummy' every time i see this i smile.

These cute lil creatures come back into stock this week, so you can buy them for £18 each or visit them on our website at http://www.fatbuddhastore.com/cart/Productsbysubcat.asp?start=1&scid=78&gkey=G&cid=4&catdesc=Toys.

This bright yellow 'bot is ready ready to rock the mic and turn the party out, but don't get it twisted; Plex is totally the parental figure of the bunch and knows how to take responsibility when his mediating skills are required.
Plex stands close to 10-Inches tall and his chest opens up to reveal what makes him tick.

Muno might be a little clumsy, but he always means well. This big red bundle of fun is ready to rock out with the rest of the Gabba crew in their quest to teach children (and parents!) how to have fun while learning.
Muno is red vinyl and stands almost 10-Inches tall.

Toodee is a totally awesome cat-dragon that is always willing to try something new. While Toodee's mischievous ways tend to get her in trouble now and again, she always apologizes when she makes a mistake.
Toodee is a vibrant blue flocked figure that stands around 9-Inches tall. Check out her wicked dragon tail too.

Foofa is a nurturing pink flower bubble that loves to sing and dance. When she isn't busting moves, this cute and cuddly character loves looking at rainbows and smelling flowers.
Foofa is a pink flocked figure that stands close to 9-Inches tall.


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