Bamboozoo Mini Series Blindbox

So cute, they're terrifying.
BambooZoo is filled with scary drooly beasties and serene furry things - weird horned creatures and critters that scream for attention - and they all want to be your friends!
Brought to life by British artists, Peskimo (David + Jodie), BambooZoo is an ultra-cute collection of 3-inch vinyl monsters, many with articulated grabby parts and friends like bunnies, blobs or toast!
The blindbox menagerie is habitat for 16 figures including 2 mystery species lurking somewhere around the bend... a sticker in each box proves you've seen the safari!

These cute lil figures retail for only £5.50 and yoiull need ot shell out some cash to buy all of them. Great for customising and great for fun-sake.


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