Fat Buddha Sketch Battle 1

Winner of Fat Battle Sketch Battle 1 'Gomes'

We sell spray paint, to be honest we sell shit loads of paint, some months we can sell 1,200 cans, all to different sources, from local councils to Grafitti artists, to art students, to crafts people, t/shirt makers, you name it we sell them spray paint.

Local Scottish Graffiti website has a forum where kids give me pelters for not being a graffiti writer, the verdict was 'the guy from buddha is a pr**k, (fill in the blanks), yes truly terrible language.
I decided that the sketch battle they have every week was in need of a bit of spicing up, there was no real competition as there was no prize for the winner. I offered to aponsor the sketch battle and got it renamd to 'Fat Buddha Sketch Battle' and give away prizes every week, just a set of pens just now.
There has been 2 upsides, 1 the standard has risen by quite a degree and secondly i no longer get slagged as much.

Loser of Fat Buddha Sketch Battle 1, this was my favourite one aswell.


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