David LaChapelle Set 1

Not an arty type, but this guys photography always takes me by surprise, his use of colour and placement of the characters, the poses he gets the celebrities to act, and they all look so settled and happy.

Drew barrymore, being famous at such a young age must have came with its own set of demons, apparently sh managed to take enough coke to keep her going for forty years, she managed to bring things back on track with the truly shit Charlies Angels films.
Could never see the attraction in her, bit of a munter.

Elton is the man, Classic song writer, from 'Saturdays all night', 'Tiny Dancer', 'Daniel' and the list goes on. His song writing can reduce you to tears, some of boredom especially the lion king shit.

Eltons hits CD has been played so many times in my car it must be ready to give up the ghost one day soon.


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