Fatcap Series 2

Fatcap Series 2 has now dropped in store, cute lil blighters and the freaks at Kid Robot have down the unthinkable, they have made Series 2 better than Series 1.
FatCaps are back with 17 new rattling personalities plus two uber-rare chases. Masterminded by Bubble Fetishist, Tilt, Argentine art troop DOMA, graffiti writer Sket One, and a team of other graf stars, these 3-inchers guard their work with dangerous accessories including machine guns, bull whips and batons. Also featured in this series: Andre Charles, Dalek, Flying Fortress, Lady Pink, Lastplak, MAD, Mr. Shane Jessup, Nathalie Oswald, Phetus, PON, Quisp, Reach, SHOK-1, Tizieu, TOOFLY, and ZETA.

£5 each, is that all i hear you say, yes only £5, you'll need to shell out a fair few bob to get the whole series, are these great, yes they bloody well are.


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