Star WarsFunked Up Part 2

Following on from the last set of photos from the man Cedric frenchybaws, here are the last 5 to make the set of 10 complete, what he has managed to do and very successfully is take classic icons from the star wars films and transplant them into modern day settings.
His use of light is his most impressive feature and if you check out the rest of his work at you will find a very accomplished photographer, some more of his work will be appearing here shortly.

Photography really is an underrated art form, its not till you see some images like this that you apreciate the skill level involved, i have always liked the OTT approach by guys like David Lachapelle, so OTT but the intensity of colours make his work stand out heads above everyone else.
I seen Elton JOhn play Caesers Palace last year and was most excited cause David Lachapelle was had done the stage set, it did not disapoint, and neither did elton.


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