Fat Buddha Sketch Battle 8

Winner Fat Buddha Sketch Battle 8 - 'PK'

This one was the wost winner to date, voted as winner to wind me up, the competition that week was poor as the word to sketch was not the best

Hectorr had the best entry and should have won, but the best should blame the ref


Anonymous said…
im painting ur windies ya fat fuck haha!
Unknown said…
Im sure youll win another one, theres still more pens to give away
Well, at least you got your prize, ha
Anonymous said…
aye well ye were hardly not gonna giv us them were ye lol
You won it fair & square, no problems here.

You even admitted you were surprised you won, but good on you and well done.
Anonymous said…
then why act wide and say i won to wind u up =S lol

and wt ye all about not selling one of us paint the other day ya rocket!
I didn't sell one of you paint cause your barred, BUT if one of you wants to come in and talk about it, we can see about removing it.

Its up to you, i'm not fussed either way.

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