New Dinosauria website Live

For all you people who love toys, Thomas Aka Dinosauria has redone his website, all hand drawn buttons and images were used, if you love Dino's toy customs then y are in for a treat as we now get to witbness some of his sketches for the first time and they do not disappoint. Taking over the Dino theme the sketches are cute but mix Diuno's love of zombie horror flicks, goto to check out his work.

Taken from the website is this lil piece of info

Welcome to the webhome of Dinosauria. I'm a craftsperson based mainly in the urban/vinyl toy scene though I do still do the odd canvas when I have the time. My background is in graphic design and fine art.
I decided to take a break from art after university and on my return to painting I discovered the Munny and Dunny and I've not looked back since.
I'm available for private, corporate and whimsical commission work. Drop me an email if there's anything you need help with.
The Legend of Dinosauria
245 millions ago saw the dawning of the Mesozoic era. Sometime shortly after Dinosauria dragged himself dripping and barely finished from the primordial swamp and fashioned a rudimentary brush from a twig and an unfortunate hairy caterpillar. He proceeded to slap pigment onto any and all creatures that were foolish enough to cross his path. That was a very long time ago and over the generations the legend of Dinosauria faded into myth.....
Sometime in early 2007 reports started to surface of a hairy beast popping up, causing chaos and then suddenly vanishing without a trace, leaving only discarded tea bags, a faint whiff of homous and strangely painted vinyl toys as the only indication that he was ever there...
These rumors have led to mutterings that Dinosauria has returned from his slumber. The evidence is all there, after all the legend states that he often painted on rabbits and the recent incidents seem to revolve around the Kid Robot Dunny.
These days Dinosauria is touring with the freak show that is the Vinyl toy scene, parading for the masses in exchange for his daily meals. He is also available for birthdays and Bar Mitzvahs.


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