A Good Book Has No Ending

Today I want to tell you a story... A story about books.

People always seem a little surprised by the fact that we sell books in Fat Buddha Store but we do, we sell a LOT of books! We only have a few online but if you pop into the store the entire back wall of the shop is filled with books. With most supplied from 2 of the biggest and best publishers around, Taschen and Thames & Hudson you know what you see is going to be top class.

There are loads of categories as well as a selection of totally random books that we just couldn't fit into any category: -
  • Architecture & Design
  • Fashion
  • Advertising
  • Art & Design
  • Pop Culture
I have chosen a favourite few to give you an idea of the range we have...

Tattoos - Henk Schiffmacher - Taschen

'As an art form, the tattoo is as ephemeral as life itself. It disappears along with the person who bears it. Cave paintings, sculptures and architectural works all have a longer life span and transmit the culture of civilizations that have vanished. A tattoo always raises questions that do not so much concern the technique but rather the meaning and purpose of the tattoo.'

Fashion Now 2 - Taschen

i-D selects 160 of its favourite fashion designers from around the world.

Gil Elvgren The Complete Pin-Ups - Taschen

A collection of work from one of the best Pin-Up artists in the world.

Design For Obama - Spike Lee - Taschen

Spike Lee - 'A collection that shows what artists everywhere have always done and will continue to do... Change the way we see things.'

Creative Advertising - Mario Pricken - Thames & Hudson

'Be warned, Creative Advertising is more than just a nice-to-look-at, easy-to-flip-through coffee table book... Pricken has loftier goals - namely, to transform readers into top creatives by introducing them to a variety of techniques and ideas used in advertising.'

Restroom Contemporary Design - Jennifer Hudson

'Once considered unworthy of the sort of attention lavished on the public spaces which they served, restrooms are now an important aspect of any interior design project. Similarly, public washrooms are no longer just grey concrete boxes - many architects are now proud to exercise their skills on these bijou buildings, increasingly found in parks and other outdoor public areas.'


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