Nike, Nike, Nike

Do we sell Nikes.....yes we do....loads and loads of them! So many in fact that we are having to get a new display built for them.

In the mean time, you can check them out online or come down to our Glasgow shop and see how many we have. There are sure to be a pair that tickles your fancy...

These are just about the hottest dunks you can get at the moment and blogs all over the place are buzzing about them. The dunk high Urban Haze are available to buy from our online store now.

We've had quite a few different colourways of the Nike Air Mogan's in during recent months, but Nike have trumped the lot of them with their latest offering. The white/varsity purple Air Mogan are not a pair for the shy retiring type, but they will get you noticed!

Finally for those who like to rock it old school stylee, we have the Air Structure Triax in black/ink colourway. An retro style brought up to date with a slick colourway.


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