People today don't realise how good they've got it, with loads of manufacturers producing amazing products and nice retailers (like us) selling them or even delivering them to your door!

Back in early eighties it wasn't as easy to get hold of good art materials that were versatile enough for the needs of graffiti and street artists. Enter KR, who had the same problem, and after spending a majority of the nineties in San Francisco experimenting with various inks (and ways of dispensing them), he returned to his native New York and with the help of the crew at Alife, he started KRINK. The company now ships worldwide and keeps drip happy artists happy in every continent with it's ethos of creative tools for creative thinkers.

Craig "KR" Costello not only believes in his product, but has reached cult status with his drippy artwork, which has seen him working with brands such as Nike, Kidrobot and even BMW Mini.

He has a huge following and people flock from miles around to see him produce his live paintings, the most popular being painting with his large scale 8 Litre Applicator (we'll need to see Leslie about getting hold of some of these!)

We have a massive range of Krink products in stock so why not try some for yourself, send some pics of the results and we'll get them on the blog.


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