We Love Posca

Posca markers have been in the shop for a while but it wasn't until Matt Jones AKA Lunartik came to visit the shop that we really appreciated how popular these little paint markers where. He created a few awesome doodles on our window for us on his Custom Tea Tour and told us a bit about Posca and how he uses them.

Check out a few videos featuring the shop on his website, here.

The markers are really just that good and we recommend them to everyone looking for a good paint marker. With such variety in colour and nib size you just can't beat them. They are water-based markers that produce opaque, vibrant colour and writes on Paper, Plastic, Glass and Fabric. Widely recognised within the artistic community as being perfect for creating unique designs and extensively utilised within the Automotive industry.

If you need to be convinced more, check this out!


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