We're a big fan of Jeremyville here at Fat Buddha, his work appears on so many of the products we stock. Jeremyville is an Australian artist, designer, illustrator and producer, with his cute, yet strangely weird characters appearing all over the place it would be hard to miss his work over the past few years!

His illustrations have his characters appearing in strange fantasy worlds, often to promote other brands, like here with Hello Kitty.

If you pop into the shop and are browsing our massive art and design book section, be sure not to miss this little gem from the man himself.

Kidrobot has called upon Jeremyvilles unique stylings on a number of occasions and as well as unique figures like this one, you may also be lucky enough to pull a J.Ville Dunny from the blind box series' that he's been involved in.

One of the latest additions to the store has been this little Love Bunny plush figure, cuteness in bucketloads!


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