Viral Ads

It's amazing to think that viral ads (you know the ones that appear on youtube and your friends send you a link too) have only been around for such a short time - the creativity is immense!

Here's one I just came across and a couple of older ones...

Becks Beer with DJ Cheeba

Mark Ecko tagging Air Force One (the presidents plane) - this was to promote his graffiti video game - he ended up getting quite a bit of a backlash over this hoax. It did the trick though, lot's of coverage for him, his game and his brand - any publicity is good publicity!

Ronaldhino's ad for Nike has had millions of views - camera trickery or sick skills??? the argument carries on, I'm pretty sure they sold quite a few pairs of those golden boots off the back of it though!

Fraser and I were talking about this one in the shop today...again it's Nike hitting all the right notes for their SB's - good tune, sick skateboarding, cameo's aplenty and a nice ending.

I'll hunt out some more in the coming weeks and maybe Leslie, David and Fraser will post up some of their favourites too.


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