Buying season come and almost gone.

Thank the big man, this is my last jaunt down to London to see some brands, I don’t get enough days off to be spending them getting the 5.40am train to London (up at 4.30am), or Manchester, or Harrogate, or Birmingham or even frigging Edinburgh.  But i have been rather remiss the past few years visiting trade shows and made an effort this year to be out there more finding new brands and boy oh boy have we found a few crackers for you.

Its only twice a year is buying season but was helped in part by the youthful passion of Fraser from the store who has been helping on buying and was instrumental in us bringing in Rebel8 and ramping up our buying of Vans, he pushed for Benny Gold and Undefeated but some of his choices we skipped on Diamond Supply Co & mighty Healthy, theres only so much room for cool American streetwear brands.

Now I can get back to work, 4 hour train journey to see a clothing range from a t/shirt company, an t/shirt company that calls themselves a brand, a t/shirt company that have seen t many hypes of their stuff on Hypebeast or SlamXhype.

This season the winners were

Carhartt, (it keeps on motoring on, backed up by great cutomer support from the Manchester office and the German warehouse), unbelievable how easy these guys are to deal with, they make everything so easy , make us feel welcome and my favourite brand my a country mile.

Edwin, (more a refined taste, but the guys keep coming back for it), coming from the same company that do Carhartt, so german efficiency is guaranteed.

Vans, (how many canvas shoes can you sell, loads apparently), but the kids love it, Mark @ Vans is a top bloke and you can expect to see us stocking over 60 different Vans shos for next spring, the biggest vans range in Glasgow and for next winter, watch this space.

Nike, (the infra-red and Jordan 6’s made this a great season for the brand), we are one of only a few select retailers allowed to carry Nike mainline and Nike 6.0, we have had our nike level increased and should be able to bring some better product to you from net year, but Nike sells and sells and sells and sells and sells.

Famous (the band toured, we sold loads of product), i remember thinking 7 years ago that Famous couldn't last but here it is, cooler than ever and selling as good as it did back in the day, we have a great selection due into us for winter, so keep checking back on it, we Travis instore when he visited Glasgow last.

Rebel8 (took small amounts and the sell through has been strong).

The Hundreds (it didn’t sell aswell as previous seasons, the price jump didn’t help matters much, looks like it will be into winter 2011 before it gets back to its old ways, but look out for the Garfield Colab, it is pretty amazing), The hundreds have been one of my favourite brands, we have been stocking it from the day we opened, and that's not going to change any time soon.

Our losers were
Levis (someone remind me why I wanted to stock Levis again, so its canned and that’s another lesson learned)

What does Fall2010 bring you in the way of new brands, well I’ll tell you I, the confirmed ones we are bringing to you are;
Obey (Online ONLY)
Girl & 
Matix (Headphones)

Ninjatown (plush toys)

Bibots (toys)
Subism (paint supplies)
Montana Minis (paint supplies)

What is coming Spring 2011, well I’ll tell you I, the confirmed ones we are bringing to you are;

 (Online ONLY)
Benny Gold


There are of course a few brands we are chasing which need a bit of gentle coaxing, one Is the daddy of all sunglass companies and the other is the hottest watch brand going trough a rather stratospheric resurgence.

So I don’t look like a thud, no names till the orders are confirmed.

We get offered brands on a continual basis, some good, some shit, but every brand we look at the linesheets and then the pricelist and sometimes chuckle at the RRP and wonder how a no name brand expects us to retail their average t/shirt for £35.
We have been offered some really nice brands for next season but we are pretty rammed when it comes to space and it will take a new shop before we can take on some of the brands we would like to.


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