Krink Is The Business

Krink inks are just as good as they come. They are the highest quality on the market today.

All markers and inks are handmade in the USA using the highest quality parts and ingredients available. Krink products are designed, tested, and used by street artists, studio artists, and industrial chemists delivering unmatched quality to the consumer. Krink was originally designed due to dissatisfaction with existing products in the art supply market.
Searching for solutions, Krink was developed by graffiti writer and artist, Craig KR Costello. Carefully seeking out ingredients that were not readily available, KR created a variety of homemade inks and markers fit for use in both street and studio environments.

For a full history check out the Krink website here.

At Fat Buddha we offer a good range of Krink inks and markers. Various different types of nib as well as squeezers and metal tips.

One of our good customers, Klingatron also recently confessed a love for Krink so what more proof do you need really? None, so buy them here.



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