What do we know???

Here at Fat Buddha, we're not just your everyday shop workers, we're actually quite a talented bunch! Owner Leslie hand picks all his staff and rather than go for a hardcore sales team (where how much you can get a customer to spend is more important than selling them the right thing!) he prefers staff who have extensive product knowledge to make sure the customer gets the best service possible. It's no coincidence that all the staff that work here were, and still are, regular customers.

Leslie has spent his whole working life in retail and the bizarre information he can pull out of all that experience has to be seen to be believed....want to know how much each carrier bag costs? how much it will cost to send a a pair of Carhartt cargo pants to Australia? or the quickest way to do a stock count? Leslie knows!
Some things you may not know about him are that when you see him, his trusty side-kick and FatBuddha shop dog, Maisie is never far away, he has a degree in Archaeology, he's one of the biggest KISS fans ever, and has a thing about not wearing black sneakers.

David has been at the shop for a couple of years now, and when he's not helping customers with his vast knowledge of Lomography cameras and Polaroid film, you'll find him taking pictures for our online store or photographing some of the hottest looking alternative models in the country. He's a damn good photographer and if you've got a few minutes to spare, check out his portfolio site, although some of the images may not be suitable for our younger followers or if you're at work (just avoid the glamour and boudoir sections and you should be okay).
Some random stuff I can think of about David is that he loves films, and can pull out some totally obscure facts from the rarest of cinematic delights. He also has a thing where he'll watch a whole season of a TV show in one sitting...I still don't know how he manages that for 24!

Fraser has had a big impact in the few months he's been at the shop. With a passion for cult clothing brands and his beloved Vans, Leslie has listened to his wisdom and got in brands like Rebel 8, Obey and Benny Gold (coming soon). He has also been instrumental in expanding our Vans and Eastpak ranges by working closely with their UK distributors to ensure that we have the best products, at the best prices and the earliest opportunity...top job!
Some interesting facts I can think about Fraser are that he always wears a beanie (even in the summer) but he also states regularly, that he has the best hair ever (I personally think he covers it so nobody can copy it). He was hated by Paloma Faith's fans for about 48 hours after  he commented about a festival performance of hers on Twitter, and he buys more stuff from the shop than any other member of staff.

Leslie took me on for the Christmas rush last year, and hasn't been able to get rid of me since! I'm an artist, designer, sneaker freak and vinyl toy collector. For anyone who wants to talk about paint, pens, books or the latest Dunny series, I'm your man. I love collecting things and have four book cases filled with art and design books, two display cases for vinyl toys (one for blind boxes and other for my customs) and have 52 pairs of trainers.
The only interesting things I can think of about me are that I was once called 'the digital graffiti artist of our generation' on a highly regarded art/design blog, I have the most spoiled pet hamster on the planet and on my second day at Fat Buddha, I found out that if you drop Angelus paint on a wooden floor it is very messy! (sorry about that Leslie).



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