3D Zombies

Tonight I am going to see Resident Evil: Afterlife in 3-D

For anyone who has spoken to me for more than 5 minutes, you will know I am a huge geek. So the prospect of seeing a zombie movie based on a great series of games in 3-D makes me very happy! Am I expecting an Oscar winning acting performances and incredible plot? No... I am expecting...

Zombies and Jovovich in goryous 3D, unencumbered by plot and character development.

Milla Jovovich and Ali Larter fighting zombies and monsters with guns, swords and fists all in glorious 3-D what more is needed?

Well, I wouldn't mind seeing them together soaking wet! Oh, wait...

I am also pretty happy about the huge guy with the big spiked hammer, my life is complete.

Sadly in Fat Buddha we don't sell anything zombie related other but we should! Other than Eastpak bags old advertising campaign.

I will do a little update tonight letting you know just how acceptably awful it actually is...

So! I just got home and it's so bad, its fantastic! Well... Bits of it at least. The starts all action and slow motion to show off the 3D, the ends a bit rubbish but the best bit is, as thought, the guy with the hammer. From seeing him till the end of the fight was all incredible and worth the watch alone.



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