One of the latest additions to Fat Buddha is a range of inks and markers by the guys at Subism.

Who are Subism? They describe themselves best....

Subism is a multi faceted independent creative business with its roots in street art.  It first started with the launch of the online gallery, to showcase and sell limited edition and original artwork and prints by artists such as Phill Blake, Julie West, Mr Penfold, Deus, Billy and other up and coming artists from the UK and around the world.
Over the last few years we have held ‘Subism Live’ arty parties in the East Midlands, London, Brighton, Sheffield, Leeds and Birmingham mixing quality deep house music with live art.

As you can see, they embrace street art and are working with some amazing artists, so their credentials are top notch, combine that with their slick branding and nice packaging, we think that Sub Ink will soon be one of the essentials in artist studios and customizers bag of tricks.
Early reports back from the field say it's pretty damn good and even thought it's only a limited colour pallete, they have chosen well. Sub Ink will be available to buy from our online shop soon and available in store now.


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