Dirty Diana

No this isn't a blog about Michael Jackson or about anything naughty (Behave). Its a blog about the mighty Diana F+ Lomography Camera. The Diana F+ is by far the most popular Lomography camera that we sell in Fat Buddha. As such it comes with a multitude of accessories and gadgets to compliment it. We don't currently have them all online so I thought I would share with you all so you can pop in and get them and say hello.

Firstly, a little info on the camera...

The Diana camera is a plastic-bodied box camera utilizing 120 film. It takes sixteen 4×4 cm photographs using a simple plastic meniscus lens. Originally marketed as an inexpensive novelty gift item, the Diana was later used by professional photographers to take soft focus, impressionistic photographs.

Its low-quality plastic lens has been celebrated for its artistic effects in photographs, normally resulting in a slightly blurred composition that can provide a 'dreamlike' quality to the prints. Although these attributes are generally thought undesirable in a camera, various photographers and art photography schools have intentionally utilized these characteristics to produce photographs with interesting or artistic effects.

The Diana F+ comes in a load of different special edition designs, below are the Hong Meow and Glow in the Dark designs but in store we have 3 others including a black version and a pink one. The special editions we receive do change every time we re-order though so if you are after a specific one please ask a member of staff.

In addition to all the different kinds of designs there all also loads of accessories! Currently, online we only have the 35mm back for the Diana F+. This is an excellent piece of kit as 120 film can be hard to get hold of and get processed. Having the 35mm back allows you to use normal, everyday 35mm film instead. We actually do stock the 120 film but currently only in Black & White and we have very limited stock.

In store we have a load more and are working to get them online. We have the Instant back, allowing you to produce photographs immediately on Fuji Instant Film. We have the Splitzer for making funky double exposures, multiple lenses including: - Super-Wide 38mm, Wide-Angle & Close-Up 55mm, 110mm Soft Telephoto and the 20mm Fisheye lens. If you are into your long exposures the Cable Release is a must and if you're feeling super experimental we sell the Multi-Colour Pinhole version allowing you to create crazy, colourful shots.
If you need anymore info on these products just check out the Lomgoraphy website or ask in store for details.

For now I will leave you with the King of Pop and hope you all have a good wee weekend.



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