Food Babies

This weekend I have eaten like an absolute king. A lot of my nearest and dearest had birthdays this weekend (May seems to be a particularly popular month to be born) as well as there was loads going on in Glasgow town so I was able to sample some of the best of what this city has to offer.

Friday night was gig night and 'Struggletowns' first show at Bar Bloc. If you're not acquainted with Struggletown, then now's the time to meet. It's a small, non-profit, independent record label started up and run by graphic design extraordinaire Steven Hill (He did the logo's and things for the Fat Buddha Store website) as well as some of his pals. Friday night was a showcase night featuring some of Scotlands finest - Wolves at Heart, Flags Raised and Yeah Detroit. As well as the bands, there was music for sale (one release all the way from Canada!) not to mention a free Zine, put together by Steven himself. Hopefully this is going to be a rather regular night - so keep your eyes peeled for the next one!

Pre-show however, we were rather peckish so thought we'd check out the new branch of Taco Mazama that opened up this week on Byres Road in the west end.

For many of you Glaswiegens, Taco Mazama is not a new thing - the first store opened up last year on Renfield Street in the city centre and since has become legendary. If you're after some reasonably priced, tasty mexican take-away this is the place to go (the pork Quesadillas are insanly good) and Alan the owner as well as the staff are all very friendly. All the dishes are made fresh however, so be prepared to wait a few minutes to get tucked in but believe me it's well worth the wait. With the new west-end branch having ques out the door in it's first week you know this stuff is good. These guys also do a delivery service via Just Eat! Lovely.

On Saturday we kept West and went to another restaurant for birthday celebrations - The 78! Although I've never been here before, I've been to it's sister venue Stereo in the city centre and I love it. Like Stereo, The 78 sells 100% Vegan food and despite the fact I am 100% Omnivore and a complete Nandos fiend I love veggie/ vegan food with Stereo being a particular favourite of mine. The 78 is no exception, the food completely met my Stereo expectations and is delicious through and through, not to mention the decor is very quaint and lovely. This place is hidden away on Kelvinhaugh Street, just off Argyll Street and is well worth the visit if you are in the area, even just for one of their delicious strawberry beers. Mmm!

And finally, last night signalled another birthday and so another dinner - this time at an old favourite of mine, Balbirs. Advertised as 'Fine Indian Dining' and yes, it really is. Usually I'm not so much a fan of 'posh' Indian grub (I've found usually the most awful looking places usually serve up the tastiest food) however this is an exception - it really is incredible. This very stylish restaurant serves up fresh, modern, delcious dishes that are well worth the money if you're feeling a little fancy (I particularly love their tandoori salmon starter) plus, if you get a take out from here the portions are generous to say the least. I love it.

So yes, this weekend I've eaten a lot and it was wonderful.



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