New old cameras

So a couple of weeks ago I picked up this cute little guy from a camera shop in Glasgow. I’ve wanted a 120 camera for a while and really should have bought something more practical and that perhaps 100% works... this one was a bit of a gamble - at 75 years old, he's a little ancient but the great thing about mechanical cameras is that they tend to last and this was no exception! All in wonderful working condition except the exposure counter which is stuck (not the end of the world however, I'm going to try get it fixed or at least learn how much to advance the film the right amount by habit) I especially love the view finder that you look down into, means that I can creep on people in the street without them noticing, obviously...

I threw a test spool through it with some of Lomography's 120 B&W film which I purchased from Fat Buddha and here's a peek of the outcome -

Using 120 film for the first time is an experience in itself (no canister, what?!)but I definitely like it! As you can see I wasn't advancing the film on enough between shots because there is little double exposures crossed over between each, but as I was just taking street photos walking up buchanan street I kind of like the way it's all overlapped! But now I know it's working I can't wait to try some slide film through it! I've been using lomography's slide xpro 200 in my trusty 35mm Nikkormat FT2 SLR for a while now and I can't get enough of the stuff. Here's a few of my recent snaps-

I love the colours and texture you get from the film when you cross proccess it, but I'm yet to try it non-cross proccessed. I think I'll try that with the next roll and see how the spools differ!



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