Alkr Sessions.

alkr® Work Sessions - Fixed Gear London from alkr on Vimeo.

Saw this great video from one of our Twitter followers, from Alkr.

Alkr is a new brand for Fat Buddha - and already it seems to have gone down really well, especially online.

On the video they say: Work Sessions is our new series of videos where we will portrait interesting and passionate people about their work and what they love to do. The first interview we did is with Andy Ellis from Fixed Gear London.

Fixed Gear London are a group of riders who have a passion for the bikes they ride and the way they ride them.

Andy Ellis is one of the original founders of the Fixed Gear London collective and is also the editor of Fixed Magazine.

When Andy isn't riding the streets of London, taking photographs or writing and editing Fixed magazine, you can find him designing and developing interesting new products.

We have talked to him about how it all started, what he is doing and what his passion is

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