Good old Bath Street

So, the big move went extremely well and the new store at 73 St. Vincent Street is now completely up and running! It looks great too, and with so much more space before - over 2.5 floors we've got so much more room for all those brands that you're after!

However, lets not forget about the good old Bath Street store. It's still here, and still trading! We are currently focusing on all the Fat Buddha gifts you love - from lamps and phones to salt and pepper shakers, there's bound to be something here for everyone. Not to mention Lomography - we now have a whole wall dedicated to the stuff, and it really shows off just exactly how much of it we have!

From the Diana and its mini counterpart, to the fisheye and even Slim Angel (all in several different colours) as well as film (both 120 and 35mm) as well  as lenses, accessories, cases and mini lomo keyrings!! If you're in Glasgow and are after a new camera or something to go with it, this is the shop for you! And of course,  much of our collection is also available online so check that out too if you're not local :)



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