Helicopter Sunday

Today is going to be a busy day for football fans in Scotland. It's that time of year when the football season ends and for the top 6 teams their last games are today.

With third spot tied up for Hearts and subsequently fourth for Dundee United, that only leaves any real importance on the games of Celtic and Rangers with both teams vying for the title. With a home fixture against Motherwell (their Scottish Cup Final opponents next week) Celtic will be looking to end the season with a win and put the pressure on Rangers to win their own game and with it the SPL title, which will be carried to whoever clinches it via the Helicopter that has become routine on Title Deciding Sundays.

Of course for those people who support teams in the lower leagues your fate as a club may already be sealed (Safety/Relegation/Champions?)...unless of course your team is in the nail-biting playoffs!

For those not interested in any of the football drama and for those who are, but dare not watch the live tension filled games, we here at FatBuddha are open as usual today between the hours of 11am and 6pm. Why not pop in for a visit and fill your eyes with the lovely, wide selection of awesome streetwear, art supplies, homewares and gifts.

You'll find us at 21 Bath Street in Glasgow.

You can of course keep with all our ramblings, nuggets of wisdom, news and info at our Twitter and Facebook.

Have a fun Sun-day :)...See what I did there ;)



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