AMOS Workshop

If you are lucky enough to live in London, and have a keen interest in Vinyl toys/art you should probably go visit 2nd AMOS Miniature Plastic Workshop. Here you will find a temporary store with tons of toys that have never been available in the UK before.

From Japan exclusives to sold out AMOS and World of Pain figures, you’ll surely walk out with some goods, and even if you don't - just remember we carry a decent range of AMOS classics too, which we recently restocked.

The most exciting purchase may just be a 16-page comic zine “Caleb’s Adventures in Wonderlean.” If you want to see more about Caleb, check out his blog, The Wisdom of Caleb. The store is open from May 6-31.

KK Outlet
42 Hoxton Square
London N1 6PB



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