Moving Day

So, since getting the keys to the new shop on St. Vincent Street a couple of weeks ago, Leslie and co. have been working day and night getting it ready for the big opening on Saturday and it's looking great! The new shop is so much bigger (2 floors plus a mezzanine) which is great for us, and you as we're able to bring so much more new stock to you! Very exciting times, but very exhausting too... and today is D-Day - we've just now began to pack up stock from the floor from trusty old Bath Street. Paint's the first to go!

It's not the end of this place however, Bath Street will contine to live on as Fat Buddha but cater more for the gift side of the spectrum and, after being a sale room for a while, we will begin to get some great new stock for here too! Exciting times ahead.

So the next 24 hours are going to be non-stop for us as we aim to have both shops up and running in a day, so wish us luck! And keep those eyes peeled for pics of the wonderful new store.... or, better yet - come say hi on Saturday!!



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